Transforming Energy Companies.

Digital innovation is a strategic advisor and solution provider to the energy industry.

We have experience in modernizing, transforming, and automating energy companies in the global utility industry by using digital capabilities.

Our Customers & Services

Energy Retail

Transformation and automation of sales, marketing, and customer service.

Energy Distribution

Transformation and automation of IT, Asset Management, Project and Portfolio Management, IoT, Digital Transformation, Architecture, Security.

Energy Generation

Analytics in district heating, integration of solar and wind.

VC Investment (Energy Industry)

Helping companies invest in the energy industry. Due diligence, analysis of potential investment objects.

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Featured Projects.

Case: Digital Strategy

Create a Digital Transformation Framework for a Swedish Energy Distribution Company.

Developing a strategy in how to use digital capabilities in all parts of the organization related to automation, analytics, IoT etc.

Case: Project & Portfolio Management

Implement a New Process and New Tool for Investment Projects in a Swedish Energy Distribution Company.

Help the company to get a clear picture of ongoing and future projects related to grid and infrastructure. A consistent process how to run projects for people, money and time. 

Case: Smart Home

Business Development and Implementation to Integrate Smart Home for an Energy Retail Company.

We worked with product-, IT- and business development to be a part of the customers smart home in the area of energy consumption and smart appliances. Developed a strategy in how to use digital capabilities in all parts of the organization related to automation, analytics, IoT etc.

CASE: Smart Metering Infrastructure

Architecture Vision Development and Infrastructure Design for Smart Meter Program in a Swedish Energy Distribution Company.

Digital Innovation helped formulate the architecture vision and supported the procurement from its first stages to implementation and thereafter detailed design of the Smart Metering Infrastructure.

CASE: Service Offering and Solution Architecture Design

New Service Offering for the Nordic Energy Distribution Market with a Supporting Cloud-Based Solution Architecture Design.

Digital Innovation formulated and designed a new service offering adapted for the Nordic Energy Distribution market. A multi domain architecture including a highly competitive cloud-based solution architecture design and blueprint was also constructed to support the service offering.

CASE: Transformation of Field Work Force

Transformation of Business Model.

Transformation of business model, for the distribution transformation program for outsourcing of field service (500 000 work order / year) for a Swedish Energy Distribution company.

Digital Innovation delivered Head of solution architecture.

CASE: Strategic IT Transformation Program

Increase Flexibility with Modular Architecture.

Digital Innovation delivered Lead Business Architect for the transformation program including the following deliverables: 

  • Increase flexibility by introducing modularity and going from “one fits all” to a modular architecture where functions/systems/infrastructure are aligned with business needs.
  • Align processes with business needs.
  • Increase customer focus – by enabling an integrated customer view and customer data across different systems and processes
  • Increase level of digitalization – by providing a omni-channel front-end independent of any back-end systems/providers and enabled by cloud services.
  • Implementation of a decoupled front-end back-end landscape supported by API architecture as a concept “One Truth”
  • Increase level of data management and integration – supported by new integration and business intelligence capabilities

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About Us

Reason for Being.

Digital innovation started 2018 with the ambition to be a part of transforming the energy industry. We wanted to use our deep experience from the energy industry, in combination with new digital capabilities to create the next generation utilities.

We dare to say we understand all aspects of a modern energy company, regardless of process, technology or culture.

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